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About Us
  Jiangxi University of Science and Technology School of Law and Design and Public Administration was founded in April, 2001 on the basis of the Department of Social Sciences by integrating relevant majors. It is a teaching and research institution which embraces various disciplines and majors such as law, public management and design.
        At present, the school offers 6 undergraduate programs, including law, public administration, product design, environment design, visual communication design and digital media art, with law and product design recognized as branded undergraduate programs of Jiangxi univiersities.
        The school now offers 1 postgraduate program of first-level discipline, i.e. law, which includes 4 postgraduate programs of second-level discipline, i.e. environment and resources protection law, civil and commercial law, criminal law, constitutional law and administrative law. The school also offers a J.M. program and an interdisciplinary postgraduate program of second-level discipline, i.e law and administration.
        At present, the school has established a number of academic platforms of provincial level or municipal level including Environmental Protection Law Research Center, South Jiangxi Hakka Culture Digitalization Research Institute, South Jiangxi Hakka Non-material Culture Heritage Research Base and Ganzhou Municipal Legislation Research Center, among which Environmental Protection Law Research Center was selected as a key research center of social science and humanities for Jiangxi universities and South Jiangxi Hakka Culture Digitalization Research Institute was selected as a key research base on culture and art in Jiangxi province. Meanwhile, the school also establishes some school-level research platforms, such as Central Soviet Area Legislation Research Center, District and Community Research Center and South Jiangxi Interior Design Research Center etc.
        In recent years, the school has made great achievements in teaching and research. The teaching basis has been consolidated, with the school receiving support from The Ministry of Education – Autodesk Software Support Program, Central Government Supporting Local Universities’ Development Program and Jiangxi Excellent Legal Talents Education Base. The school also won several Jiangxi Provincial Outstanding Teaching Achievement Awards and  Outstanding Textbook Awards. The school has a research area which is clear and full of distinctive features and which has obvious advantages, producing a range of influential research results. The school undertook more than 20 National Humanities and Social Science Funds projects and Humanity and Social Science Projects supported by the Ministry of Education and more than 100 provincial-level or ministry-level research projects and won more than 20 provincial-level or ministry-level teaching & research achievement awards. More than 20 monographs and textbooks and more than 100 papers have been publish, with some of them reprinted by influential journals such as Xinhua Digest and Copied Materials from Newspapers and Journals by Renmin University of China. The school actively organizes students to participate in various kinds of competitions such as Red-dot Award, National Advertising Arts Competition for College Students and Jiangxi Innovation and Vocational Skills Competition for College Students, with students winning different kinds of awards.
        The school attaches great importance to the building of campus culture and the cultivation of excellent talents and organizes colorful quality expansion activities for students from different majors in order to promote students’ comprehensive abilities. The school also gives priority to the cultivation of students’ innovation spriti and entrepreneurship. An innovation and entrepreneurship center has been established to provide students with various practical platforms such as Tianzong Industry Park, photography and video recording Base, mock court, mock hearing room, product design innovation and entrepreneurship center, decoration material project lab and digital media art & animation (interactive design and digital image), which greatly improves students’ employability and entrepreneurship.
Address: Original Mining Building, Main Campus, Jiangxi University of Science and Technology
Telephone: 0797-8312492
E-mail: wfxy@jxust.edu.cn

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